Using to control how your site is listed in Google and other search engines


Today we mostly talked about, besides finding out where people feel they are with their online presence.  The Hartford Business Journal and my consulting website, KAndle Consulting, are the only two sites I found listed in the listings from the people that responded to my invitations. listing information affects Google and almost every other search engine.  Some search engines rely solely on this site for search results.  If you aren’t on, you generally aren’t listed on these other search engines either.  The link to find out what search engines use this info is here:

You will need to get added to to provide maximum visibility for your websites.  It is a manual process and subject to human error.  Each category has a volunteer that maintains those listings.  It can take months to see the changes after submitting and at least as long for your site to even be listed in the first place.

It will also help to prepare at least a 250 character site description for listing on this and many other sites. policy states 25-30 words. If you can fit 250 characters in less than 30 words, that would be the most reusable description you can write or have someone else write for you.  It can also help to have someone else look at your site and write the description and compare that to yours.  Sometimes, for me, it can be hard to simplify things about myself or my business.  You need to do that online if you want to reach the largest audience.  Please read this Wiki on the Functionally Illiterate:

I have heard the numbers are as high as 70% of the online population from all over the world.  Many of these people cannot effectively scan a web page from top to bottom.  They have to stop and read each and every word, one line at a time.  This is why videos & pop-up ads are so effective.  You have only a few seconds, if that, to grab someone’s attention.

The instructions to add your site are here:


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