Things to consider when starting a blog and how to get started promoting that blog


When it comes to starting a blog…

  • Your blog won’t be popular without a lot of quality content (one hit wonders don’t succeed at blogging.)
  • Write about something you are passionate about (it will show.)
  • It helps your ranking to link obscure words and lingo to a wiki page or some other respected informational site.  Try not to link to your competition though.
  • Take full advantage of picture tags and captions.  Google likes to see keywords in those places too.
  • Decide what action you want your visitors to take (buy something, subscribe to RSS feed, visit your website, click an ad…)
  • If readers are to click an ad, how will you integrate the ads? (text ads (AdSense), in-text ads (Kontera, VibrantMedia) , pay-per-click (AdSense), pay-per-transaction (Commission Junction) or maybe just ads to your own site/products…)
  • Are you going to host the blog on your web server and integrate directly the blog format into an existing page on your website site (the usual way for blogs without ads, just bring them to the site directly to read the content) or leave it separate from your actual business web page (the usual method for blogs with ads). is a good place to start getting involved in the blogging community.  Join other users communities and add contacts to people with similar interests.  To me the best blog readers are other bloggers.  They will help spread the word if you post interesting articles. is a blog search engine.  You should eventually be listed in here as your readership expands.  Technorati basically ranks your blog based on how many different blogs link to your posts.  The more appealing, unique and interesting your posts are –> the more different people link to you –> the higher your authority.  Don’t expect much from this site in the beginning.  Getting people to respect you online is a difficult thing and it takes time and effort. is the site I am going to use to track the meetings & attendees for our discussion group.  Please join this site so you can RSVP for the meetings. is a site to host & record Podcasts over the phone.  Another similar site is Both are a great way to get started with Podcasting for those that loathe typing as much as I do.  The problem with Podcasting is that Google doesn’t search voice recordings.  You don’t get the same exposure as with a blog.

Finally we talked a little about LinkedIn.  A few attendees have gotten business through LinkedIn.  I use Yahoo Groups to meet people from LinkedIn.  The link to the LinkedIn forum search is this:

If you want a jump start on meeting people through LinkedIn then I suggest joining MyVirtualPowerForum and introducing yourself to that group.  It’s 4th or 5th in the search list.  This Yahoo group was founded and is moderated by a local Hartford resident.  He is very nice.  Vincent can also open doors online and help make connections if properly motivated.
Some of the other groups are spammish and some are heavily moderated to keep the spammers out.  You can expect the amount of e-mails you receive to go up from joining a group such as MyVirtualPowerForum but you have access to the brains of many helpful business people should you need assistance one day.  You can learn alot by just lurking but the real benefit of the forums is quick access to answers when you need them.  I have made more money from my involvement with Vincent’s group than with any features or services LinkedIn offers.  They do go together though.  MyVirtualPowerForum has changed the way I view and use LinkedIn.


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  1. If you’re going to bother dedicating your time to blogging, then you should make it easy for people to find and read your content. The truth is that blogging is a slow meritocracy and you have to earn your readership with relevant, well written posts consistently produced over time.

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